Reasons Your Bathroom Needs a Makeover

Come on in, the Water's Perfect

Nothing spoils a much-deserved, hot, soaking shower after a hard day’s work than a sudden global shift in water temperature. The first thing most people do is jump out of the way, then turn around to adjust the handle. Just about 18 seconds later, the temperature corrects itself, and you’ve suddenly become the main dish at a fish boil. This might be a solid reason to explore bathroom renovation in Spokane, WA.

Rockabye Baby

Does sitting on your toilet remind you of sitting in a rocking chair? The issue may be a warped floor or a broken pipe. Regardless of why the toilet rocks, the wax ring is a gasket between the toilet and the pipe and is made of thick wax. It provides the seal to keep waste and water inside the pipe and will be damaged by a rocking commode. The only option is replacement. Waste water that escapes the unit usually drips down to the level below. If the problem persists, you may need to explore basement renovation in Spokane, WA, as well.

Power Up

Does your hand shake from fear every time you try to plug-in a device in your bathroom? Does the hair dryer consistently blow the breaker? Within a certain proximity to a water source, a GFCI outlet is required. The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a fancy way of saying that there is an additional breaker besides the one in your box that will trip if there is contact with water. This feature can save your life and is necessary hardware in your bathroom.

Years of Moisture

If your bathroom has peeling paint, loose tiles, lifted floor boards, or doors that no longer work properly, the reason is usually excessive, non-vented moisture in the air. Between hot showers, shaving, washing hands and brushing teeth, you have been saturating the air with moisture over and over again for years. The cumulative effect wreaks havoc on nearly everything that isn’t made to hold water.